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Beauty is Beyond Skin Deep

Welcome to Morgan Hill Skin Care, where we prioritize the vitality of healthy skin to enhance your beauty. With deep community roots and beauty pageant experience, I've seen the transformative impact of radiant skin. My mission is clear: to empower you in preserving and revitalizing your skin, revealing your natural radiance.
Experience Jet Plasma skin treatment—an advanced rejuvenation method surpassing conventional approaches. This cutting-edge, non-invasive procedure enhances complexion, elevating clarity and vitality.
Embark on a journey to rediscover your beauty. Let Morgan Hill Skin Care guide you to glowing, rejuvenated skin. Schedule your consultation today and embrace your radiant soul.

  • Shelly Tam
Plasma Technician

Certified Jet Plasma Technician


At Morgan Hill Skin Care, we are dedicated to providing long-lasting solutions for healthy glowing skin. Our top-notch services will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Our team takes great care of your skin using natural and sustainable ingredients. Please check out the Plans & Pricing and reach out if you have any questions. 

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What is Jet Plasma?

The Jet Plasma is a revolutionary skincare service that utilizes cooler atmospheric temperatures to deliver 13,000 volts of plasma deep into the skin layers, triggering collagen production and restructuring cellular composition. By generating ozone plasma, it effectively eliminates surface bacteria, alleviating conditions like keratosis, eczema, and rosacea. This versatile tool not only tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, and addresses hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, and stretch marks but also enhances the absorption of skincare products without needles. Employing cold atmospheric plasma (CAP), it harnesses electrical energy to vaporize targeted skin tissue while preserving surrounding areas, yielding immediate visible results and ongoing improvements for up to 8 weeks. By initiating a natural healing process and fostering fresh collagen production, it enhances overall skin quality, offering a transformative approach to skincare.

Jet Plasma Process
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Jet Plasma Client After Care

Steps to Follow


Following your treatment, due to the channels in the skin being open, it is important that nothing is applied to the skin for 12 hours other than what your skin care professional puts on your skin.


No exercise, sauna, steam room for 12 hours. This is to avoid aggravating any inflammation due to sweat. 


No make-up can be worn after the treatment for 12 hours. This includes routine skin care products, any form of make up, sunscreen or spray tan.


After 12 Hours, you can resume your normal skincare routine. Don't forget to apply your sunscreen!



Please remember to schedule your next session. 

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